We are looking for SEO Specialist

SEO Specialist
SEO Specialist

InboundID is seeking premium SEO specialist to match the standards and quality represented by our rapidly growing client roster.

InboundID represents dozens of prestige clients including Unliver, Samsung, Tokopedia, Pegipegi and many more. Due to the hyper-growth of our company and our client portfolio we currently have 3 openings for talented Search Engine Optimization and Marketing specialists who thrive on success.

InboundID only operates using SEO best practices and individuals seeking to join our elite SEO team must be able to prove their ability using SEO tactics that adhere to the highest standards. We do not cut corners and are the first to recognize there are no SEO “secret shortcuts”.

Ideal Candidates

  • Be a proven performer with 2+ years of experience in Search Engine Optimization. More importantly, are looking for individuals with a proven track record of results. If you made your name keyword stuffing and using ling aggregation methods 10 years ago and have maintained a SEO position due to those results without advancing into the new age of SEO this position and our team will not be the right fit.
  • Be able to develop, test, prove/disprove and implement new SEO strategies.
  • Understand the relationship between revenue generated vs. cost and how for businesses it all boils down to the ROI.
  • Be an on-the-spot problem solver who has both technical and analytical skills to identify issues, develop solutions and implement.
  • Both lead and work as part of a team. If you are to be successful you must be able to communicate and work well with other teams. Not everyone in the company can understand the big picture of SEO strategy like SEO’s can. The SEO team leads other teams in assisting to reaching SEO goals. If you are looking for a position that allows you to link-build in your basement or a corner of the office without ever being bothered, this position is not for you.

The Perks

  • Strong starting salary
  • Access to world-class tools
  • Training and networking opportunities


  • 2+ years of SEO and web analytics experience with track record of increasing responsibility
  • BA/BS degree in engineering, computer sciences, quantitative field (Statistics) or marketing
  • PHP, HTML/CSS/XML/JavaScript, PYTHON and general programming skills highly preferred
  • Demonstrate advanced professionalism, resourcefulness and the initiative to lead advanced projects
  • An ability to create unique content and/or ad copy where necessary.
  • Ability to communicate on a high level, maintain strong relationships, adapt to change, multi-task
  • Strong organizational skills, attention to details, and project management ability
  • Ability to research SEO issues and formulate solutions
  • Ability to translate client goals into actionable SEO strategy and to draw critical analysis from data and make specific recommendations
  • Adaptive to change strategies and recommendations based on data
  • Ability to cross-strategize from other disciplines, other teams and/or clients
  • Ability to understand paid search engine advertising and the relationship between SEO and PPC.
  • Ability to gauge impact and create strategies around algorithm changes or new features
  • Strategic understanding of higher level SEO concepts, such as link building strategies and tactics, site structure, on site elements, sitemaps, redirects, crawlability, URLs,
  • Strategic understanding of link building and generation of quality link targets
  • Complete understanding of all SEO tool sets based on client setup, including, but not limited to, AWR, Conductor, Raven, Google Analytics, Google/Bing Webmaster Tools, Omniture
  • Awareness of third party vendors – developers, creative agencies, CMS platforms
  • Thorough understanding of search engine algorithms and mastery of all “basic SEO” concepts

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