Make a Landing Page Converts More

You have learned the basic of landing page like how to set it up, where you should put it on, how it works for your digital marketing strategy, and other basic stuff you need to know from the beginning. But, did you know exactly how your landing pages can convert more, even beyond your expectations? Keep in mind that the higher your conversion rate, the larger revenue you will gain in return. So what should you do to come with high-converting landing pages? No worries, we will give you the answer through the following inbound marketing info.

Trust and Value

In order to clearly state the value of what you are offered through your landing pages, you should bring out enticing copies and value proposition that will lure the visitors. Not only that, you need to build a reputation that will never leave your visitors in doubt. To ensure your trust and value, you can include live chat functionality to bridge the communication with your potential customer.

Another method is through blog posts. The posts are essential to back your business and let the prospects know how legit it is. They will also gain relevant information from your expertise. If you showcase your capability in the digital marketing industry, they will not be hesitated to put their trust in you.


People always take a second glance when incentives or free gifts are being mentioned. You can lure your potential audiences with the same method too through the landing pages. For instance, you can give them 15{e56e98cffb3900b5e8849a3588d7fad4e42d0c2720d7b074b7ab4ed4811d4b0a} discount or free vouchers when they take a certain action. The point of incentive is to make them take the desired actions right away once they saw your landing pages and the offers.

Concise Illustration

Can you imagine how it is to capture your visitors’ attention in a matter of 10 seconds at most? That short amount of time will give an impact if you are able to come up with concise illustration about how your business can help them solve the pain points. Therefore, make sure you come up with punchy copies and relevant illustration without taking too much of their time.

Narrow Focus

When you offer a lot of stuff to your visitors, they will take a much longer time to decide what they should do. That is why you need to narrow their focus by providing limited choice. Keep everything simple with no-nonsense copy that will help your visitors understand what they will get if they accept your offer. You can also encourage them more to click your landing pages by providing the list of infamous brands that have used your products or services. This method will increase your credibility in their eyes.

Coming up with a promising landing page requires a lot of efforts from your side. What’s more, you should go beyond the basics to get a high conversion rates and we have already provided you with some inbound marketing tactics above to achieve that goal. But most of all, you need to keep testing what kind of landing pages are working to convert more visitors. Add more of your knowledge about conversion, especially to increase sales conversion by downloading our free infographic about 5 Must Do Moves to Optimize Inbound Sales Conversion. Download it now!

5 Must Do Moves to Optimize Inbound Sales Conversions