How to Make Email Marketing Powerful

How to Make Email Marketing PowerfulHow to Make Email Marketing Powerful. Email is one of ways to communicate with people scattered all around the world instantly. This kind of communication is used by marketers as well to get connected with their potential and current customers. Email marketing carries out two type of functions. Those are transactions email which triggered based on customer’s action with a company, and direct email which aims to communicate a promotional message. But, it can’t be denied that sometimes customers just ignored this email. They dump those emails right into the trash folder once they know it is just an advertising. And even sometimes they get bugged because of it. People are tired of those emails. Then, what do the marketers have to do to create ‘not just’ an advertising email?

To gain customer’s attention in email marketing, there are important tips to be followed

The main rule is only send emails with relevant content to persons who have requested to receive them. This permission-based email marketing strategy is seen more trustworthy for customer. Once they see the subject of the emails from you, they most likely will open them because the content of the emails are relevant with their needs and wants. Permission-based email is started when customer register their emails into your website because they want to know more about your products and services.

Consistency in sending frequency and timing plays an important role. Setting a schedule is a nice idea. You can send emails weekly, biweekly, or monthly, as long as you can stick to the schedule you have made. The timing to send business-to-business emails and business-to-customer is different. For business-to-business emails, Tuesday through Thursday just after the start of the day around 9.30am and just after lunch at 1.30pm is considered as the best timing. It is better to not send emails after 4pm or on weekends. Whereas for business-to-customer emails, the best timing is on Tuesday through Thursday between 5pm and 8pm or between Friday evening and Sunday afternoon.

The content of emails you deliver must be trustworthy and reliable. To give that impression to customers, you have to decide “From Name” for your messages either your company name or the person at your company. Keep it consistent so customer will get familiar with it. Make sure that there are plain text and HTML version in the newsletter. 5{e56e98cffb3900b5e8849a3588d7fad4e42d0c2720d7b074b7ab4ed4811d4b0a} of your recipients will see nothing in your emails if you don’t put plain text in it.

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