Make Your Business Stands Out by Optimizing Your Live Streaming Apps

Live streaming apps are not just a new trend in social media users. With the promising features of new technology, they have changed the nature of online content promotion. Now, businesses can have a quicker action in reaching the audiences within a real-time engagement.

Since live streaming apps become bigger and more valuable for your marketing tools, there is no reason for you to not optimize the potential benefits of live streaming apps for your brand’s inbound marketing methodology strategy. Here are tips on utilizing live streaming apps to your advantage.

Sharing Live Events

Live streaming your events can help you reach bigger audiences without having them attend your events physically. The audiences who cannot join your event will feel like as a part of your events through your streaming. You can make interaction with the audiences by asking them what they want to see next.

Conducting Interviews

Hosting interviews does not only help you to increase the engagement, but it also helps you to build your brand image. Start giving your audiences the chance to hold a dialogue with your employees and let them ask questions. In this way, the audiences will have a more engaging and deeper connection with your brand.  

Showing your Behind-the-Scenes

Give your audiences a tour of where and how your brand is featured. Through showing your behind-the-scenes, you can get more personalized with your audiences by showing exclusively about your brand. It is better to make the behind-the-scenes video without an obvious script to make your work becomes more authentic.

Conducting Q & A Sessions

Make your audiences get to feel valued, taken care of and heard by conducting question and answer sessions. Use this chance to get audiences’ feedback on what they want and what they are interested in from your brand.

This Q & A session may be looked as a mainstream strategy, but it will have different vibe if you turning them into live streaming events. It will significantly increase the authenticity and credibility of your brand.

If you have not had a chance to optimize the live streaming apps for your inbound marketing strategy, now is a good time to start the process. Therefore, you can take advantage of the live streaming apps.  


Access time: April 13, 2016