Maximize Your Inbound Marketing Campaign through Google Analytics

There are many useful functions of Google Analytics, from tracking your website’s traffics to learning why your visitors are coming to your website. Due to its usefulness, this tool can be used to maximize your inbound marketing methodology campaign.

However, you need to go beyond the basics of this tool in order to achieve this goal. So, how are you going to maximize your marketing campaign through the tool? This article will give you some tricks to do that.


As a marketer, you must set your marketing goals first. Fortunately, Google Analytics provides a goal setting in which you can use at your disposal. You have to login to your Google Analytics account to access this feature and navigate to Admin option and choose Goals.

If you are new to this area or do not have a lot of time to invest, Google provides available templates to track conversions effectively. Once you have set your goals, you can observe your conversion easily.

Custom Dashboards

Building a custom dashboard enables you to see an immediate overview of how your properties are going. A dashboard is a smart way to see a display of summaries and useful to produce a regular report so you can view the progress of your business easily. To build a new dashboard, you have to go to Dashboards option then New Dashboard.

As goals, dashboard also has templates, but you can also add widgets onto it. Keep in mind that dashboards are available only in the view you create them, but the Share option in the Action Bar will allow you to share them outside of your view context.

Google Webmaster Tools

One of the best ways to maximize your inbound marketing methodology tactic is by implementing Google Webmaster Tools. The tools helps you to give information about the links that are pointing to your website, to identify which queries result in more traffic to your website, and make sure that Google can access your content properly. If you want to get found on the web, Webmaster Tools is one of the best solutions to achieve that.

Using Google Analytics is necessary if you want to maximize your inbound marketing methodology. The tricks above will help you to use the tool to its fullest.


Accessed on: 18 November 2015