The Meaning of Color Psychology in Business Sphere

When you establish a business profile, it is important to take color psychology into account. Why? Because even a single color can be recognized by your audience. On top of that, your chosen color will increase the chance to reach your business objectives. With that in mind, we will discuss the psychology of colors in the business world through the following info & office tips. Check them out below!

Black to Signify Glamour and Exclusivity

Black is a color that can represent luxurious look. Karen Haller, business color and branding expert, states that when used properly, black can convey sophistication, glamour, and exclusivity in a business. Overall, black is a color that you need to take into serious account. Some infamous brands like Yves Saint Laurent and Chanel have used black for their business color.

Blue for Calm and Logical Business

Blue is considered as a color that represents trust, communication, and integrity. But, if you use the wrong tone, your brand will come out as unapproachable, cold, and aloof. Blue is often associated with mind and serenity or calming look. It also represents logic and communication. There are many brands or businesses that use blue tone for their primary color such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Twitter, for instance, goes with lighter blue as the color can express the joyous side of social channel.

Show the Youthfulness with Green

While green is sometime seen as the color of envy and money, the color has attracted many youngsters who enjoy their life. Those people also tend to love the environment which is another aspect represented by the color. Haller says that green is about the Mother Earth and universal love. Starbucks, for instance, uses the green mermaid on the center of the cups. It is revealed that the coffee company wants to showcase their youthfulness and love for the Mother Earth.

Red for Passionate and Powerful Stature

Red is known as the color of passion and power. Haller reveals that the color is also related to excitement, physical courage, and energy. Red also uses by companies to show their confidence and energy to withstand this competitive world. The Virgin Group, the most powerful brand on Earth, uses red for that purpose.

Brown for Dependability and Warmth

According to Haller, the true meaning behind brown is actually dependability, safety, warmth, and reliability. If you want to convey these traits to your audience, using the color for your business will be a great idea. UPS, for instance, uses brown to signify that they can be trusted to deliver mails and packages from destination A to destination B for their customers.

Fun and Friendly Atmosphere in Yellow

Known as the visible color in daylight, yellow is really hard to overlook that easily. Thus, if a brand uses this color for their business, the audience will surely pay attention to them. Aside from that, yellow signifies happiness, friendliness, and optimism, says Haller. IKEA and McDonald are known as the brands that use this tone.

Now you know the psychology of colors in the business sphere by reading the info & office tips above. So, what color is your business?