Measure Your Inbound Marketing Efforts Using These Metrics

As evidence for your inbound marketing methodology success, you need to measure your effort precisely. This measurement is important for your business growth and revenue. Thus, use these metrics to measure your inbound marketing success.

Traffic Metrics

Measuring traffic is important to help you to know if your inbound marketing works effectively or not. Start by analyzing the overall traffic on your website. Do not be too focused on pageviews, try to measure how many unique visitors your website get per week or per month.

Then, start checking your traffic sources and find which one is well-performed and which one is less-performed. Usually, the traffic sources are divided into direct visitors, organic search, referrals and social media.

With the increase of mobile use, do not forget to measure your mobile traffic. By checking this traffic, it will help you to understand what contents that they like and automatically increase your conversions.

Conversion Metrics

Since the purpose of inbound marketing is to convert your traffic into leads, you need to know your conversion rates. You can start measuring the conversion metrics by checking the bounce rate of your site. If it is high, it means your site do not perform well.

Next, check the return visitors and new visitors. The return visitors can decrease your bounce rate and lead you to increase conversion while new visitors are only at the introduction stage to be interested on your site. Thus, return visitors are a valuable commodity for you to treasure to increase the sales.

Revenue Metrics

If you want to increase your sales and get more revenue, start measuring the revenue metrics. Start by checking the Return of Investment (ROI) to know if your inbound marketing effort makes a great result. It might take time, but ROI will improve as you do all the inbound process.

Then, track the value per visit and cost per acquisition. The value per visit will help you to measure the interaction numbers with the customers while the cost per acquisition will help you to measure how many budgets you should spend for getting paying customers. After all, by applying these metrics, you can make a better inbound marketing methodology and make sure your efforts paid well.


Access time: March 25, 2016