Office Design Tips to Support Productivity

The productivity of your business is not only depending on how you work things out and deal with office tasks. Working space also matters in this case. Why? Because you and your staffs spend at least 8 hours at the office and it is a must to provide comfortable spaces to stay in within that timeframe. Since comfortable spaces also affect work productivity and employees’ peace of mind, your office should be designed in such a way that will maintain the positivity of work atmosphere despite the hectic days ahead. If you still have not gotten ideas on the designs, why not heed the following office tips for that matter?  

Good Temperature and Air Circulation

These are one basic of well – designed office so ensure that the ventilation of your office is positioned properly. Leave no room for irritability or packed up feeling when your office is crowded and make certain that the temperature is always stable, especially during non – stable climate these days. You can go with cold resistance windows or insulators to reflect the right touch of light. Keep in mind that good air circulation and temperature will maintain your employees’ focus and productivity, not to mention keep them healthy.  


How can you concentrate on your amount of tasks if your back is aching due to an uncomfortable desk? Hence ergonomics design is such a great idea to make you comfortable in the office. It allows you to easily adjust the heights of your desk, computer monitor, and chair. You want to sit straight properly and everything is within your reach? Then it is just right to go with ergonomic office design, is it not?


You must have heard that colors have an amazing effect on brain functions and moods. With that in mind, you have to choose colors that will benefit your employees and keep their spirit in the room. You can choose subtle and mild colors, such as soft yellow, to bring positivity to work place. If possible, let your employees bring their own colorful items that will guarantee their productivity. But whatever colors you choose, you need to keep it minimal and never go with ones that will distract your work environment.

Indoor Plants

Indoor plants will adorn your office looks and they certainly provide a great view to improve your staffs’ good moods. Indoor plants will always bring refreshing feeling and air inside the room, but you should prefer ones that go well with your overall design and easy to take care of. Or if you think having real indoor plants is not possible, you can select a picture of nature and set your desktop wallpaper or screensaver with amazing views of Mother Earth.   

Through the office tips above, we have provided you with some ideas on how to design your office that will improve your work environment and productivity. So with this we hope you will no longer short on ideas. Get our other tips to keep you healthy at work on our blog page and don’t forget to hit the SUBSCRIBE button to get the latest update of our blog!