On-Site vs Off-Site SEO: Which One Is The Best?

Search optimization or SEO has taken an important spot in the digital marketing realm. This method is used in order for your website to get found by your audiences. The optimization processes can be done through keywords, meta description, anchor text, content, etc which is known as on-site SEO. But another thing you should take into account in regards to SEO is off-site part. Off-site SEO is an effort to attract more audience through social media marketing (SMM). Then which part of the two should you prioritize for your inbound marketing campaign? Before you decide, you should learn more through the explanation below.

On-Site SEO

You can say that on-site SEO is somehow a traditional way or white-hat technique in promoting a website with the help of meta descriptions, anchor texts, keywords, content, tags, etc as we have mentioned above. Through the optimizations of such elements, you will be able to attract visitors from search engines. This type of SEO is an ongoing process that you should practice on a regular basis and mostly it takes time to achieve your desired results.

On-site SEO is determined by search engine parameters to attract the potential visitors. You use the method if you want to focus on promoting a page or website per se on search engines. Meanwhile, you have to master some key practices if you want to promote your website using on-site SEO. The key practices are;

Domain Name: Use a domain name that is relevant to your market with a high ranking keyword included in it. Through this method, you will find it easier and more effective to promote the website.

Meta Descriptions and Content: Make sure your content is relevant and original in order to get recognized by search engines as a website that contains high quality content.

Tags and Anchor Text: In case you want to promote your website within a short period of time, you can optimize the tags and anchor text. Done properly and you will be able to increase your ranking on search engines.

Off-Site SEO

While off-site SEO also requires an ongoing practice, it can be challenging to do since the digital marketing techniques are outside the context of your website.  When it comes to off-site SEO, you need to deal with social media platforms and link buildings in which you can gain after gaining a good reputation. Social media platforms are used to promote your website through ads posted on user’s profiles and pages. It depends on you to craft your ads in order to attract people and gain their favors to promote your website.

Aside from social channels, link buildings take an important role in off-site SEO. Here you need the help of other blogs or websites with great traffic.  Built links on those websites and blogs so that you will gain traffic from them. Make sure to gain the trust of those website administrators to build links by offering unique and creative treats that will benefits the other parties. For instance, write a valuable and engaging guest posts for them.

Now you know basically what on-site and off-site SEO is, but which one should you choose? Your inbound marketing techniques will be impeccable if you use both. Promoting your website on search engines is as important as promoting it through different online sources. By tackling both SEO types, you will attain greater traffic than you focus on a single technique. By combining these two, you can get many benefits to your overall SEO strategy.

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