Online Marketing is Nothing Without Selling

There are many mistakes made by companies that tried to jump in online marketing. They think that entry into the world online is a strategy to just feel eksist in the online world. That’s not its purpose. In any business, the primary function of marketing is to increase that could generate sales leads. If you only spend money to make campaign just to make a buzz on the market without measuring the performance of the sales department. You mean have failed. Therefore, you should think again about online marketing campaigns are conducted. There are several things that cause you make this mistake.

First, you do not understand how to develop online marketing strategy that is integrated with sales strategy. Second, you do a partial online marketing. Third, you absolutely can not do a thorough and detailed analysis of the effectiveness of online campaigns that you do.

The three errors in the end makes you think that online marketing is just running a social media strategy with the size parameter only on how many fans on facebook, number of followers on twitter, and how many conversations going on. So also with the management of the website, when making an online marketing campaign, you just measure the number of visits to your website. In terms of content, you simply create digital content, creative and inexpensive without being able to measure how much investment you have spend.

Inbound Marketing strategy integrate social media, search engine marketing and content marketing with a clear goal of creating qualified sales leads to increase sales. Our principle, before you jump in online marketing goals that you must make clear where the most important measure of your campaign is to increase sales of your company. Because for us, online marketing is nothing without selling!

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