Setting Inbound Marketing Budget for Manufacturing Company

Marketing landscape among manufacturing industries has changed significantly with the biggest change lies on customer sales contact. Customers learn so much about purchases, products, and solutions through any kind of contents available on the Internet provided by your competitors. If you pay close attention to this circumstance, you are able to see that your competitors are adopting inbound marketing methodology.

Does it mean you have to adopt inbound approach like your competitors do? If you do not want to leave behind by them then the answer is yes. But, before you execute your plan, it would be better to plan your inbound marketing budget first. Consider these ideas to help you setting the inbound budget for your manufacturing company.

Sales and Marketing Software

Inbound marketers take advantage of the power of inbound sales and marketing software. These software are used to handle social media publishing and monitoring, email marketing, content management, landing pages, blogging, web analytics, and so on.

In addition, you may consider hiring a full-time marketing technologist to deal with CRM and marketing automation. Since inbound requires website to allow your prospects to know more about your industry, you need a web developer or designer to handle the matter.

Content Creation

One of the most important aspects that determine the success of your inbound marketing methodology is the quality and the relevancy of your content. When it comes to content creation, you have to spare your budget to produce content in the form of eBooks, blog posts, landing pages, email marketing, white papers, and infographic. Once you finish with your content strategy, you need to form a team to execute the plan. The team includes graphic designers, social media pros, and writer.

Paid Content Distribution

Content distribution is in fact the outbound part of inbound marketing. In this stage, you have to reach out to your prospects who are not in your contact database. You can promote your content by using paid content distribution to distribute your content on the channels where your prospects live online, such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google AdWords, and Bing.

Relying on traditional advertising like trade shows, prints advertisements, telemarketing, and other related efforts for your manufacturing industry is no longer effective to reach out to today’s customers. That is why you have to consider adopting inbound marketing methodology to deal with them.  


Accessed on 16 January 2016