Should You Choose Content Marketing Over Product Marketing?

As you may have already known that content marketing is more focused on the methods to naturally attract potential audience, while product marketing is dealing with product sales efforts through outreach to a certain demographic. So between these two schools, which one do you think is better for your inbound marketing methodology campaign? Before you decide, you should know precisely how one is different from another. Do take a look at the explanation below:

Content Marketing

Content marketing is a strategy to boost brand reputation, increase traffic, and convert leads through a valuable material like content. The methods used for the strategy are involving off-site content, social media marketing, and on-site blogs. Content marketing also has a number of advantages, such as to build a strong customer relationship, to save more marketing budget, and to get more long-term returns on investment.

Content marketing allows you to attract audience more naturally so they can trust and value your brand. The strategy also leads to a higher satisfaction rating and encourage higher retention rates. It is even better when content marketing is more budget-friendly since creating valuable content only takes a few hours of your time, not your money. To top it off the content you have created will remain available to be accessed anytime by anyone even after a long period of time has passed as long as you do not delete them.

Product Marketing

When you want to promote a certain service or product by using some medium with the intention to pitch it to an end user, then the best tactic will be product marketing. In product marketing, you have to deal with direct mail, product placements, and paid advertising. The tactic allows you get higher visibility as you use paid ads to be noticed by your target audience. Depending on your ad budget, your level of exposure will be guaranteed.

Your specific intentions will be more apparent in product marketing. Your focus is on how to make people buy your products or use your services. As the intentions are relatively clear, you will not find much obstacle in brand visibility, trust, recognition, and purchase. In addition, product marketing tactic can help you get ROI faster once you give the budget to circulate your ads.

We have given you some basic ideas on what content marketing and product marketing is. You can also see for yourself which one is more beneficial for your inbound marketing methodology campaign. However, just because you think one is better, does not mean you can brush off the other. Both tactics have benefits in their own ways and it seems beneficial if you use them at the same time once in awhile for special promotion.