Simple Tips on Self-Teaching of Inbound Marketing

The development of inbound marketing methodology keeps growing rapidly. Unfortunately, not all marketers know or even understand what inbound marketing is about. If you are a totally newbie in inbound marketing, these steps will help you to learn by yourself about what is inbound marketing and how it works.

Subscribing Inbound Marketing Blogs

If you want to learn from the basic, reading articles on inbound marketing blogs would be a great help. You can read as many as possible that can broaden your knowledge on inbound marketing.

However, there are so many awesome blogs to be subscribed. Thus, for starter, you can learn from articles in also other awesome blogs such as Hubspot, CopyBlogger and Mashable.

Reading Whitepaper and Books

While reading articles on blogs will help you to learn inbound marketing in a general way, reading whitepaper will help you to dig more on how inbound marketing works. Typically, whitepaper discussed about the problems in inbound marketing and how to solve it. It is a great learning resource for newbie and also for experienced marketers.

As you are reading on blogs and whitepaper, let’s increase your learning by reading books related to content marketing and inbound marketing in order to deepen your understanding. Books are like endless knowledge for marketers, so do not forget to read your inbound marketing books.

Joining Webinars or Peer-to-Peer Seminars

If you want a live interaction on understanding what inbound marketing is about, it is better for you to join webinars or peer-to-peer seminars. Some websites and organizations occasionally invite experts to make seminars to help marketers with their self-teaching on inbound marketing.

Taking Certificate and Training Programs

One of the simple ways of self-teaching on inbound marketing is by joining training programs to get inbound certification. Unlike seminars, in training programs, you are not only getting video lectures on inbound marketing, but you also get an exam. If you pass the exam, then you will get a badge and certificate that you can add to your website.

Overall, learning inbound marketing methodology might be taking a lot of time, but it is worth to do. Through a good understanding of inbound marketing, you can come with a better inbound marketing strategy. Thus, it can affect your business to be stand out among competitors.


Access time: March 17, 2016