Simplify Your Inbound Marketing Needs with These 3 Amazing Tools

Despite its great effectiveness for marketers, inbound marketing methodology can be exceptionally time-consuming and quite hard to track its results. Not to mention the amount of tasks you have to tackle are quite plentiful as well. That is why as an inbound marketer, you have to make the most of your campaign while keeping it as simple as possible if necessary. Fortunately, you can simplify your marketing efforts by using the tools that will be discussed.

intercom tool inbound
Intercom is customer relationship management software, containing a wide range of packages that allow you to customize engagement type you are hoping to attain with your customers. If you want to watch them and learn about their tendencies, the Observe package is the best option.

Other packages include Acquire, Engage, Learn and Support. Intercom is also useful for notifying specific customers of new updates in app and sending targeted emails since they can narrow down who you are going to send content in accordance to their exact demographics.

Gleam is another tool to simplify your inbound marketing methodology efforts. It allows you to create a prize giveaway campaign, but your customers need to complete small acts of social sharing before acquiring ballots.

For example, to improve your lead generation and social media engagement, you can set Gleam up so that your customers get one ballot by entering their email address and another one for tweeting about the giveaway. Gleam is easy to manage and permits you to make up almost any kind of task. allows you to overlay your own custom message onto any form of content. This can be a great way to include call to action to your site by attaching more viral forms of your content. Let’s say you decide to share a relevant article on your Facebook feed and overtime the possibility of increasing activities around the content is higher. This tool also provides you with a custom URL to generate your message as pop-up in your content as well as pop-up call to action on popular ones.

There are many ways to help you to simplify your inbound marketing methodology tactics. You can start with using the three tools that have been mentioned above to make your jobs simpler.

Accessed on: 18 November 2015