Social Media Rules for Journalists

If you’re a journalist just getting started or struggling with social media time, try breaking these 4 rules. Here are 4 social media rules journalists should break:

1. Don’t Cross Post on Social Networks

If you already have a lot of followers on your Facebook Page, you should write something special for a group of readers. But if you have more modest following, try doing cross posting with a desktop client like Hootsuite or a free pfogram like IFTT (IF This, Then That) which has over 25 triggers you can set up. So when you post a new blog or a Google + update or uploaded an Instagram photo will triger a tweet and/or a Facebook status update.

2.  Don’t Schedule Social Media Posts

Do consider scheduling some updates once daily, as it’s a nice way to post more personal or off-topic updates in off-peak times so you won’t annoy followers. Try Hoosuite or free apps like Buffer or Timely for maximum tweet effectiveness, basing on when most people retweet or respond.

3. Follow/Friend/Subscribe to Everyone Who Follows You

Instead of mass-following, use Twitter lists to keep up with people or subjects. If you’re on Facebook, divide friends and readers into lists or set up a Journalist Page. And in Google+, add readers to a circle

4. Don’t Repeat Yourself

Try Tweko, which allows you to select tweets you should repeat in the time span you set up for as many or as few times as you’d like, with an interval ranging from 3-100 hours. This is a real lifesaver if you work across time zones or internationally, as you’ll reach another set of people.

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