Some Deadly Sins of Bad Calls to Action

Call-to-action (CTA) helps marketers to convert their leads into customers, hence its important existence in inbound marketing methodology. However, there is always a possibility that marketers make some mistakes that can prevent them to gain attention from their prospects. If you want your CTA works effectively, you have to make sure that you avoid any kind of mistakes. In that case, what kind of CTA mistakes you should stay away from?

Hard to Find
What is the use of having your CTA button in bold color if it cannot get found easily by your website visitors? This can be happened if the button is too small to be noticed or your prospects should scroll down the page to see it. There is a high plausibility that your prospects do not realize its present on your webpage.

Therefore, you have to make sure that your CTA button appears above the fold before you send a new email or publish new page. This can be done by testing different email clients or browsers beforehand.

Before you create CTA button on your page, you have to mind its language first since it will determine whether your prospects are going to contact you or not. Refrain from using ambiguous text because it will confuse your prospects when they want to make their next move, not to mention they will not get the value of your CTA. Be as clear and brief as possible if you want your CTA gets clicked by your prospects so that your inbound marketing methodology efforts will run effectively.

Blend In
A website designer can create your CTA with the same visual appeal as your website, most likely by using the same skin as well. However, your visitors will not notice your CTA if it blends in with the other components on your page. Whenever you create a CTA on your page, you have to make sure that it stands out, either by using a text or visual CTA, so it will not go unnoticed by them. You can use a different color for hyperlinks in your text CTAs or a contrasting color of your website background for visual CTAs.

A call-to-action is a crucial component in inbound marketing methodology to reach your conversion goal. Therefore, refrain from making any mistake when you deal with it.

Accessed on 1 November 2015