Starting Your First Marketing AutomationCampaign

There are many reasons why business owners should rely on marketing automation. But unfortunately many of them have yet to realize the benefits. Marketing automation is extremely important especially if you want to improve your marketing and sales performance using Inbound Marketing. You have a number of inbound marketing tasks to get done on day to day basis and that is a sound reason to use marketing automation.

You might have no experience in setting up a marketing automation campaign and still have no idea how to do it properly. This digital marketing info will help you start your first campaign using marketing automation software. So keep reading!

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Set the Goals

You are not ready to automate anything if you do not have any goal in place. So think what you want to achieve through utilizing marketing automation. You can simply take a look at the existing marketing goals and decide which one is more potential and important for your automation purposes. Usually, the goals chosen are anything that helps you to implement your strategy automatically and get a clear result about your marketing efforts. The goals can also about how to get more leads and lower the churn rate. Or you can go with SMART goals to begin with since they are easy to measure and prove. The bottom line, it is not recommended to make new goals. This means your marketing automation software should be used to serve the goals that you have already agreed on with your management team.

Accurate Segmentation

The first thing you should do before executing the automation campaign is by segmenting the customer data so that you can accurately create personalized marketing for each customer. The segmentation also will be the foundation of your campaign and eventually help you convert them into your loyal customers. While segmentation might sound tedious, it is not that complex. You only have to establish some categories that differentiate one customer from the other.

Commonly used segmentation method is by defining from where you customer entered your system, such as from landing page or a webinar. You can also segment them in detail based on their buying journey and the product or service they used to resolve their pain points. To make a simpler task, you can utilize behavioral analytics in your automation platform that will provide handy data for the accurate segmentation.

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Work Closely with Sales Team

Your sales team has an access to the behavioral data that have been built up in the automation system, hence, it is important to work closely with them on lead standards. The collaboration can help you set up a lead scoring that will produce more accurate prospect-filtering criteria. The sales team will point out which customer behavior that will lead to purchase, making your job easier when setting up the automation campaign.

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Utilize Other Tools

Combining your marketing automation with other tools will optimize your campaigns. In this case, you can use CRM integration to get into your customer and prospect behavior. To set it up is depending on the CRM tool you are integrating, the technology of your marketing automation vendor, and the integration specialists of the said vendor.

If you are using HubSpot, integrating and utilizing marketing automation and CRM will be easier because both CRM and marketing automation tools in HubSpot are already integrated in one dashboard. Once you have your account set, you will have easy access to plan, execute, and analyze your marketing automation campaign and transfer the qualified leads you’ve generated to the sales team.

In marketing automation campaign, it is important to know what digital marketing goals you want to target and to whom you are going to convey your messages. The most important thing is learn everything from the basic to gain more insight into marketing automation and its processes. 

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