The Best New Features of Google Adwords

Google AdWords provides advantageous sides to support your inbound marketing campaign. Therefore, the tool is constantly updating its features to maximize the functions. This year, there are several new AdWords features you cannot afford to miss if you want to improve your digital marketing business. What are the said features? Check them out below!

AdWords Editor 12

AdWords Editor 12 contains several new features such as the custom rules feature. The feature is one of the new additions and has managed to gain attentions from digital marketing players. This feature allows you to establish rules to ensure that your campaigns are in line with your objectives. You can either set your own rules or go with Google’s rule set. Moreover, AdWords Editor 12 has enhanced its UI and download speed as well.

Google Surveys 360

Google Surveys 360 gives you an opportunity to create your own survey, generate results faster, and discover a specific audience sample across the website. This feature will make A/B testing easier as you will directly receive feedback from your audience. Through those feedbacks, you can grasp what is working and what is not.

Maximize Conversion Option

This feature allows you to optimize the amount of conversions for your daily budget. It incorporates Google’s machine learning technology to help you streamline those who can see your ads by considering several factors such as time of day, devices, remarketing, etc. If you have a campaign draft, try doing an experiment to test out the Maximize Conversion option.

Location Extensions for YouTube Ads

With this feature, your prospects will be able to see the exact location of your business. So when they are interested in your product or service and want to visit you directly, they can pinpoint your location by clicking Location Extensions feature beneath your YouTube ads. The Location Extensions feature allows you to add location, map information, or distance automatically.

Ad Changes

Since Google has brought out some changes for their ads, your ads can come with dynamic sitelinks that will direct your prospects to the deeper parts of your website. For instance, there is a price extensions feature where you can put up a price list of your products or services for the viewers. You can also customize your adwords in accordance to your specific audience.

AMP Landing Page

If you want an improved speed, AMP landing page will meet your expectation. This improvement intends to make the landing page loads faster so that you will avoid annoying your prospects in the process. Furthermore, Google also offers Display ads for AMP pages. These ads are claimed to load up to 5 second faster compared to the usual Display creative.

Smart Display Campaign

Smart Display Campaigns can be accessed by advertisers who want to launch an ad campaign on the Google Display Network. The network offers you a chance to reach out to wider audiences who are not using non-search Google products, such as when they play games, watch YouTube videos, browse websites, and use Android apps. It also allows you to catch buyers in the buying cycle faster than you are expected.

Google AdWords provides several advanced features you should try out this year. The features above, for instance, allow you to optimize your inbound marketing ad campaign to gain a better result from your ads. Get to know more about Google AdWords and why you should use it by downloading our free white paper about Why You Should Use Google AdWords.

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