The Best Tips on Office Decorating

If you think that office decoration is similar to home decoration, you are a little bit off-base. When it comes to home decoration, it is all about pleasing your eyes. However, you have to consider much broader appeal in the eyes of employees, suppliers, stakeholders, and clients. Then what are the best ways to decorate your office that is suitable for these types of people? Check out the following tips on how to decorate your office the right way!  

First Impression is Important

Your office waiting room, foyer, or front reception is no longer a place to welcome and bid goodbye to your visitors. These areas will determine the first impression of your office. Imagine if you go with a dull, uninspiring, and messy reception area. Your visitors may not be tempted to do any deal with you. So, how should you decorate your reception areas?

First, think to innovate by using colors and abstract designs. Maybe you can go with beach-like scene or anything that will freshen up the areas. If you are creative enough with the design, you visitors will show their appreciation and not hesitate to associate with your company. You can also choose some abstract pieces to decorate and beautify the whole area, but do not go overboard with them. As long as it is pleasing to the eyes, your visitors will have a great first impression on you.

Inspirational Wall Designs

There are plenty of wall designs to choose for your office, but it would do you good to choose one that is full with inspirational and striking look just right for the office. The option is by choosing word art wall, but it is not just any word art. Also, you should be careful in positioning the word art. The best place to showcase the inspirational wall is in kitchen or tearoom. Inspiration walls are intended to motivate and boost morale of the employees, not to mention it will establish work culture as well. As tea room and kitchen is a staff – only area, so it is the right place for the design.

In case you have a long wall, go with a single, long, eye-level row of inspirational quotes. Or, 3 x 3 wall series of nine is good for a large square-ish space. Keep in mind that the word art does not have to look huge, a 40 x 40 cm will actually suffice.

Innovation for Shared Spaces

Shared spaces such as meeting rooms, boardrooms, breakout rooms, or whatever rooms you use for meeting should be decorated as well. You can choose a design where it can inspire your staffs or other relevant parties to bring out new ideas while keeping themselves relax through the whole process. If you think modern taste will go along with those people, you should choose some modern art pieces that will encourage the creativity. In short, do not ever go with boring design or art pieces in these shared rooms as it will dampen the spirits of those who stay there.  

That was some office tips to help you get a new and inspirational look for your office areas. So do not waste any more time and start decorating right now! Get other tips and insight from us on our blog page to make your workspace even more comfortable and neat and make sure to SUBSCRIBE to our blog to get the latest tips from us!