The Best Tips to Do Keywords Research

Every content marketing campaign is starting from keyword research. As people go to the Internet for searching certain things, they type the keywords on search bar and if you play it right, your keywords will be exactly the same as what those people have in mind. But again, you are not a mind reader and there is a chance that you will get lost if you have no slightest idea what your audience or potential ones look for. That is why you need to conduct keyword research before you launch your content to the public.

Your targeted keywords will be the cornerstone of Search Engine Optimization, hence you must not overlook the keyword research. However, it is rather unfortunate that most marketers tend to do the research incorrectly. So to not let you go astray, we will present you with several inbound marketing tips to conduct keyword research the smart and right way.

Begin with Checking the SERP

When marketers miss out this step, they actually make a big mistake. Keep in mind that before you make anything, you are suggested to evaluate the existing rankings on the SERP (search engine results page) as you need to know the best methods to get the higher rank from the top-performing keywords. Since you cannot earn it by default, you can do some stalking by using keyword tools such as Moz Keyword Explorer, SEM Rush, KWFinder, etc. These tools allow you to figure out what keywords are existed in the first page of search engines. You can also do it manually by typing the targeted keywords on search bar and the results of top performing keywords from your competitions will reveal in a matter of seconds.

Make a List

Consider the topics you want to rank generically and come up with 5 to 10 topic buckets relevant to your field. From those topic buckets, you can figure out some specific keywords you want to use. Also, put yourself in your personas’ shoes and imagine what kind of topics you as an audience want from a business in order to get found.

Use Google’s Keyword Tool & Trends

To get an idea on the most-searched keywords in your niche, you can use Google’s keyword tool and go to Google Trends to corroborate the search term you find on Google’s keyword tool. Keep in mind that Google Trends usually lists the keywords that are searched during a selected period of time.

Find Your ‘Secret Keyword Formula’

Secret keyword formula is certain keywords that you use frequently in your content. But in case you still have no idea of your own secret keyword formula, you can find it by opening up your analytics and looking at the headlines and keywords from your most popular content. Also you can use Buzzsumo to find the headlines that drive the most social engagement. Either way, you will figure out your secret keyword formula without a hitch!

Group them Semantically

When you go through the list of keywords, do not forget to group them semantically as it will be useful when you want to utilize them later for PPC ad groups. For instance, words like ‘smart marketing ideas’, ‘Facebook marketing ideas’, ‘content marketing ideas’, and such might be grouped as ‘marketing ideas’. If some of the groups consist of large number of words, you can drop those with a lower search count.

As keyword research is important in inbound marketing landscape, you cannot afford to overlook it. We hope that the provided information will guide you to conducting the research. Learn more and add your knowledge in keywords research by downloading our free white paper about how to create effective keywords research. Download now!


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