The Role of Buyer Personas in Inbound Marketing Methodology

According to HubSpot, a buyer persona is “a semi-fictional representation of your ideal customer based on market research and real data about your existing customers.” In inbound marketing methodology, buyer personas play an important role since they will state every marketing activity you do in order to move ahead of your competitors. They will determine whether your marketing strategy is working to catch their interests.

If what you have done all along to your marketing strategy is on the right path, buyer personas will give you a thorough profile of your potential customers’ pain points, common behaviors, wishes and dreams, goals, biographic information, and general demographic. Moreover, you can also gain some perks by having buyer personas.

Useful Assistance
Buyer personas will be able to assist you in every stage of inbound marketing methodology. Rather than attracting all people in the world to come to your site, you only want to attract only the right people. You will create your contents based on those people’s interests.

Finding Out Where Your Ideal Customers
Buyer personas will be your guidance to find where your ideal customers are usually hanging out on the Internet. Once you have some ideas to what kind of sites they usually hang out, you can do some research and figure the things that seem interesting on those other sites.

It can be your references to do some adjustment to your marketing efforts to that area. So, instead of visiting other sites, they will come to you and you probably will get new buyer personas in the process.

A Chance to Create New Services or Products
There is a possibility where personas will drive you to some improvements, such as creating new products or services. After conducting some research, you may find some niches that your customers looking for but you have not provided them yet. If your business can give additional services or products, you will not hesitate to do just that in order to make your customers stay true to your brand.

Looking at the explanation above, it is obvious that a buyer persona is one of the elements to make your inbound marketing methodology works excellently on your business. In other words, your buyer personas will lead you to betterment for your business’s future.

Accessed on 15 June 2015