Things That Will Get Your CTAs Clicked Every Time

The concept of call-to-action (CTA) is very crucial in inbound marketing methodology to help converting website visitors into leads. This actually can be achieved by having an effective CTA which is clicked every time by your prospects. But how can you build an effective CTA so it gets clicked frequently? Take a look at the following tips below to find the answer!

Keep it Simple
When your website visitors take a look at your CTA, they should know instantly what they are going to get by clicking it and how to get it. In short, you have to make everything simple so that your visitors are not going to get confused. You can make it brief, clear, and simple by using phrases, such as ‘Download Now’, ‘Click to Download’, ‘Click Here’, and so on. Make sure that your visitors are aware that they click the CTA, not the image on your webpage.

When you deal with inbound marketing methodology, you have to know more about your prospects. This notion is fruitful to every aspect of the methodology, including CTA. By knowing your prospects, you will have some ideas to pique their interest through your offers so that they can see your value proposition.

To make your prospects see the value, you can include copy containing the core keywords that relevant to your prospects. Show them how they can rely on you and demonstrate that you know what they need and want on your CTA. Therefore, the chance for your CTA to get clicked is highly possible.

Design and Location
In order to grab your visitors’ attention when it comes to CTA, you have to mind its design and location. You can design your CTA by using fonts and imagery that will make your visitors to click it. Make sure the design is not too flashy. After that, place it on the page of your website that is very important so that they can still see it even if they do not scroll your page. You can also put your CTA in the sidebar of the page so that your visitors will be able to see it easily.

Learning about SEO and blogging is not enough to convert your website visitors into leads and gain many customers in the process. In that case, you have to pay attention to another important element in inbound marketing methodology which is known as call-to-action (CTA).

Accessed on 1 November 2015