Tips to Improve Offline Events

Events and experiential marketing help reach potential customers, develop stronger inbound connections, and connect their brands with their prospects and customers directly. But make sure you connect these offline events with your online platforms. Here are some helpful techniques:

Connecting Before an Event

  1. Facebook Events

Make your target attendees aware of your event by creating informative Facebook Events.

  1. Twitter Updates

Let your followers know about your offline events, and give them little reminders via Twitter. It’s a great way to build momentum and anticipation for the event as the time comes closer

Connecting During an Event

  1. Live tweeting

Live tweeting during events allows companies to engage their audience and make them feel like they are a part of the live event. It also added level of engagement for those who attend the event. Create a unique hashtag for the event so everyone can follow and take part in the action

  1. Live-Streaming

Don’t let your customers that couldn’t attend the event miss out on the experience. Consider live streaming the various speaker presentations throughout your event.

Connecting After the Event

  1. Photo Streams

Let your attendees relive the event. Photos give people a chance to share their personal experiences with the event, creating an amazing connection between attendees, your event, and your brand

Thank all your attendees and highlight your event’s accomplishment by writing blog post retrospectives.

  1. Recorded Video Content

Offer video recordings of the event to view or download to reach more people who couldn’t attend the event.

Judge the success or failure of your offline event with online tools and use it to improve future events.

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