Tirto.id Case Study Release: How Inbound Marketing Works for Online Media Website

Media companies has faced many obstacles with the advance of technology. As they heavily rely on content to establish the brand, they strive to grow their audience and brand. In this case, media companies need to adapt with the emergence of digital marketing era. The Tirto.id Case Study will show you how inboundID has helped Tirto.id to increase their brand awareness and drive quality traffic by using inbound marketing strategies.

The emergence of advanced technologies like smart devices and the Internet have changed the way people consume media and how advertisers use media to reach out to the consumers. Since then, the time spent on printed media, local TV stations, and radio from traditional media companies have decreased.

Even advertisers have shifted their interest to more promising targets than media outlets. To make it worst, media also experiences the decline in revenue. Based on Borrell Associates 2013 Local Advertising Outlook, the decline from 2012 to 2013 was ranging from $25 million to $1.7 billion.

The disadvantage situations had shaken up the media companies and made them realize that they needed a change. It is more than just providing news online, but they need a strategy that will strengthen their presence and set them apart from their competitors. This situation has paved the way for inbound marketing to came in and offers great assistance to help media companies get back on their feet and make up for the lost revenue.

Many media companies ask inbound marketing agencies to help them increase awareness and drive quality traffic with an effective cost. Take Tirto.id as the example which partnered with InboundID and entrusts us to applied inbound marketing efforts through specific ads campaign to increase the awareness of Tirto.id and gain quality traffic without spending a large sum of money.

You can find out the detailed information about how we run the ads campaign and the result which will give you more understanding about how inbound marketing works for Tirto.id by download the Tirto.id Case Study now!

Do you have interest and planning to adopt the inbound marketing, or do you need help to run the best inbound marketing campaign? CONTACT US now and we will come back to you with the best inbound marketing strategy for your business or company!


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