Understand Cognitive Bias in Ecommerce

What makes your customers come back to buy from you does not merely rely on your advertising strategies. Rather, it is a matter of a better customer engagement and experience. These can be achieved if you understand the cognitive bias of the purchase decision making. Cognitive bias in digital marketing strategy refers to the way you persuade or convince people to make the desired decision and, in return, speed up the process of conversion. Whether the decisions are rational or irrational ones, marketers should be able to take advantage of it and here is why you should do so:  

Understand the Customers

As a marketer, one of your tasks is to influence the decision-making process of your target customers. It is like you manipulate their decision to win their favors. That is how cognitive bias works in the marketing sphere. Here you need to impress them while at the same time add some emotional to touch their cognitive so that they will come closer to understand and agree with your offer. You can do so by having an expansive knowledge of your potential customers as your base to impress them.

Here is a small tip: the things you can do to impress them are telling a convincing story about your product or service, using visualization like images to trigger their emotions, and explaining how your product or service will really enhance their lives. Other factors, such as advertisement, customer’s feedback, and brand values also affect the decision process.

No Complexity

Cognitive bias will work effectively if you avoid complexity. People tend to stay away from anything strange and complex, hence you should go with messages that are easy to understand and do not use sophisticated words that will confuse your prospects. It would be better to include familiar imagery and other easy-to-understand marketing elements. The bottom line is do not come with content that will make your prospects think too much and cause your digital marketing business to lose more sales.

Maintain the Customers’ Commitment

Sure gaining customers’ commitment can be the biggest pain point. In order to get them commit to you, you do not have to go overboard. Just ask a small favor like subscribing to your email newsletter or suggesting the product they may like. Do not ask their total dedication right away and just embrace what they are ready to give to you. But overall, you must never disappoint them with your product or service. If it meets their expectations, they will easily come back to you.  

They will Pay for More

If you master the art of persuasion, your customers will not hesitate to spend more. Why? Because you are able to reduce ‘the perceived spending value of a product or pain of paying’, as stated on VWO. Although the amount of spending is quite high for others, your prospects will not see it as a big deal and readily pay for it. However, you need to prepare some trigger for that, such as a gift card to be exchanged with certain stuffs, a discount voucher, etc.

Even though you are selling non-physical product where a lot of convincing is required, it will not be a hurdle if you arm with the concept of cognitive bias. There are many benefits you can gain from such concept. In cognitive bias, you should be able to turn irrational decisions into rational ones to speed up the conversion process in your business. Find out more to make your business even bigger by downloading our free white paper about Take Your Ecommerce Business to The Next Level that will give you the best ways to shape up the best and most effective ecommerce strategy.

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