Use Content Mapping To Improve Lead Nurturing

In order to provide company with the leads and profits, marketing and sales teams must work hand in hand. It should all start with a content map for lead nurturing. Marketing team later will nurture existing leads for their sales team. Content mapping is process for lead nurturing by which a marketing team prepares and organizes relevant and valuable content. There are several strategies to make a content map.

First you have to identify different personas of the target audience. They will need different variety of needs and wants so you have understand them and later on identify, create, and provide the valuable content. Next, you have to identify stages of lead nurturing process. Use it to identify where stage your leads at.The stages are:

Awareness: The stage during which leads are determining if they have a need for your product/service.

Information Search: The stage during which leads want more information on why your product is so valuable.

Evaluation: The stage during which leads are researching possible alternatives and deciding which one is the best fit for them.

Purchase: The stage during which leads have a desire for reassurance on quality.

Post-Purchase: The lead may already be a customer, but it’s not over yet. For many businesses, the chance to upsell is always there.

Then you need to distribute relevant content during the lead nurturing process. You will be able to map out where and when to distribute the content.

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