Want to Improve Your PPC Ads? Optimize Your Ad Copy with These 7 Ways

If you found your inbound marketing’s PPC ad is not standing out among your competitions, it is your calling to immediately get your act together and make more appealing ad copy in order to drive a great conversion rates. But how can you do that? Let’s check out the following digital marketing treats!

Test Your Copy

You will know what works best for you once you have tested it yourself. Therefore, bear in mind to conduct the A/B testing every time you want to run a new campaign, including your ad copy. You can start with writing two ad copies and launching them simultaneously. After certain period of time, see which one has higher and lower click through rate (CTR). Replace the lower one and do the same process until you get the satisfaction result.

Do Not Use Unnecessary Word

Telling your intended audiences things they do not need to know will only waste your PPC campaign. Do not include unnecessary words, such as your phone number, company locations, cliché wording, and your brand especially if the brand has yet to be recognized in your industry.

Avoid Repetition

Since the number of characters in your ad copy is restricted, you must avoid repetition so you will not waste any space. It is quite a challenge and requires your creativity to craft your copy to be as appealing as possible in limited characters. Remember, the character used in the headline is 25 characters max, description line 1 & 2 as well as display URL are 35 characters max for each.

Use The Expanded Text Ad Train

Few months ago Google launched a new feature called the Expanded Text Ad Train, but unfortunately many advertisers has not yet integrated it into their AdWords campaigns. Character limit has been upgraded in this feature so you can take up more space on the search engine pages than the previous standard ads. Such opportunity allows you to drive more CTR and more people will click through to your web as well.

Use Power Words

In order to effectively use power words, you need to brainstorm some options you have for the ads. Once you got them, try splitting test the variations to determine which power words are impactful on your PPC conversion rates.  Some examples of power words are fast, get, online, try, and so on. But, whatever power words you incorporate to your ad copy, make sure they relate to your industry and, if possible, match your targeted keywords.

Include Price

Based on TechWyse, you will experience a +400{e56e98cffb3900b5e8849a3588d7fad4e42d0c2720d7b074b7ab4ed4811d4b0a} increase if your ad copy includes price. Not only that, price points allow you to generate more relevant ad traffic and increase qualified leads. Hence, make sure you have a competitive price advantage in your industry to attract more people. You can also conduct competitive research before designing your ad copy.

Use Unconventional CTA

If you use unconventional CTA in your ads, you will be able to outsmart your competition and make your ads stand out in return. In this case, a dry and bland ‘buy now’ CTA has no significant impact on people, hence you need to experiment with unconventional ones in order to grab your personas’ attention and lure them to click your digital marketing ads. For instance, your ad copies can include the idea of cost savings, imagination, bonus offer, emotional copy, and highlight testimonials.

Optimized ad copy you can improve your PPC ads to gain more conversion and be more stand out from your competitors. So, get your act together and create an appealing ad copy to give your PPC campaigns a boost! Are you planning to run a PPC campaign for your inbound marketing efforts? Have you find out how PPC can give you more benefits compared to SEO? Download our free white paper about PPC & SEO: Which One Is Better? to help you compare and understand more about PPC and SEO. Download it now!

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