Ways to Use Customer Experiences and Testimonials for Inbound Marketing

Customer experience and testimonial are essential tools for your inbound marketing methodology as they can boost your brand awareness and sales at the same time. They are the social proof of your business. They also define how your customer value you and your service and it will attract other customer to pay attention to your business.

However, sometimes many marketers ignore them without knowing their potential to be an effective inbound marketing tool. Their feedback actually can help you to maintain customer loyalty and also gain new customers. With this information in mind, the following tips will help you optimize your customer experience and testimonial as the key of your inbound marketing.

Start Attracting Your Audience

The essence of inbound marketing is to change your audiences to be your potential customers through contents. Before getting customer’s feedback, it is better for you to get their attention. To attract audience visit your website or your social media accounts, start creating contents that can help audiences solve their problems. Then, interact with your audiences and let them share their experience on the website.

Converting Your Audience to Leads

With the useful contents that you had posted before, automatically visitor will land on your website based on the keywords of their problems. In order to transform the visitor to leads, it is time for you to have landing pages or forms. Or, if you want to give a fast and responsive service, live chat is an effective way to make personal connection.

Closing and Delighting Audience by Your Collected Testimonials

It might take time to collect useful testimonials, but it is worth to do for your inbound marketing strategy. At this stage, you should feature your collected customer experience on your websites. You can also add the link of the testimonials for your email marketing and social media as the social proof of your brand.

As you can see, customer experience and testimonial are great word-of-mouth strategy for your inbound marketing methodology. By focusing on what your audiences want, you have the opportunity to get more engagement and to lead them to be your loyal customers. No doubt, they will recommend your brand willingly to their colleagues and friends.





Access time: March 20, 2016