Which Type of Facebook Ad Is The Best For Your Campaign?

Launching an ad campaign on Facebook is not always easy regardless of the large amount of users exist there. To make your Facebook ad campaign bear fruit for your brand, you need to know what type of ad will suit you best. To help you out, we have prepared the selection of Facebook ad types for you to choose. Check out the inbound marketing list below to know more:

Brand Awareness

Facebook ads can be useful to help you boost brand awareness. With brand awareness as your main objective, you should consider Facebook ad tactics that will help you achieve it. Advertisers mostly use enticing content to lure Facebook users when they scroll on their news feed and help them gain popularity in return. So for brand awareness ad type, you should focus on creating high-quality and relevant content that makes Facebook users want to know more about your digital marketing brand.

Page Post Engagement

This ad type is focused on how to encourage a user to engage with your ad through shares, comments, and reactions. By encouraging engagement, you can reach out to more people in your audience circles.

Product Set

You are allowed to show products from a catalog with this product set ad type. Show the created catalog to people who will be highly interested in them. This ad type is launched by Facebook to personalize catalog which can be uploaded on the platform for the sake of your customers. The catalog usually contains product names and descriptions, ID, category, product URL, and most of all image URL. To make the catalog system work, you only have to place a Facebook pixel on your website so that you can track which products the users view and adds to their carts.

App Engagement

If you want to generate more activities within your app amidst the current Facebook users, you should go with app engagement ad campaign. Aside from generating more activities within the app, this ad type also allows you to highlight your app features before asking a new user to download the app.

Click to Website

This ad type is specifically for those who want to increase website traffic. It allows you to send Facebook users to certain website pages, product offers, or blog posts in varying formats. In addition, click to website ad type allows you to be as creative as possible. For instance, you can go with a carousel of images to send the users to different links at times or tell a story through your ad with canvas mobile ad feature.

Event Ads

Promote your upcoming events with Facebook event ads to get more response. It is relatively straight forward and can be a helpful addition to your campaign.

Website Conversion

This ad type intends to encourage users to click on your ads and convert immediately on your website. Such ad will benefit you when you want to increase sign ups to newsletter, download an offer, and free trial offer.

More than 1.18 billions of people, from students to company CEOs, are active on Facebook. That is why the social media platform has been targeted by inbound marketing advertisers to lure more audience. Fortunately, by knowing your particular ad type, launching an ad campaign on Facebook will be much easier. Learn more and take more advantages from Facebook through our free infographic about Make Sure Facebook Inbound Marketing Works for Your Business. Download it now!

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