Why Eating at Your Work Desk is Not Good?

Many people develop a habit of eating at work desk illuminated by the glow of computer monitors or mere desk lamp. You may be seen as a dedicated person by doing your work instead of focusing on your meals. You may think that your job will finish quicker even without skipping your meals. The fact is, no matter how healthy your foods are, eating at desk work is not advisable. Aside from leaving crumbs on your desk, there are some other reasons why you should avoid eating at work desk. If you want to keep healthy at work, check out the following info below.

Weight Gain

According to New York Times report, munching in front of your computer screen will lead to weight gain. Sure, you may eat a lot more when gathering with others, but the tendency to snack is more often as you sit alone at your desk. Remember, eating while preoccupied with the Internet, TV, or computer will not let your brain and body to properly process the amount of food you consume. Eventually, the hormone leptin will late signaling the brain that it is time to stop munching, causing you to ingest extra unwanted calories.

If you do a lot of seating at work, it can affect your health negatively. That is why lunch break is the time to move your body and change the scene which is good to inspire you when you get back to work. So do not detrimental your health by occasionally eating at your desk.

Bad Food Choices

Forza Supplements discovers that people who eat at their desk for lunch have a tendency to consume fattening foods all day long. This discovery tells us that eating at desk means you make less-healthy choices for foods, not to mention the urge to have snacks later on. It is just because you do not want to push back your chair and find a new place to eat your lunch, you end up making more trips to the vending machine where the source of less-healthy foods available.

Prolonged Sitting

Did you ever think that eating at your desk alone will prolong your sitting habit and stop you to chat with your workmates in the hallway or break up your sitting time? Spending most of your time by sitting at your desk is not good for your body and it is not helping either if you add lunch break on the list. So, do some extra steps to find a venue outside your office, be it a nearby park or cafe. By taking extra steps, you will improve your health.

Lack of Socializing

If you tend to eat alone in your office, do not expect to socialize more with your colleagues. On the opposite, eating away with others will allow you to communicate more with them which eventually will make you happier and healthier. Even research has revealed that you will have lower stress and blood pressure level after socializing, resulting in improved work performance. So, step out of your office and gather with your workmates to have lunch together and great chat.

We have revealed some downsides of eating at your desk. So avoid it If you want to stay healthy at work. Get our other tips to keep you healthy at work on our blog page and don’t forget to hit the SUBSCRIBE button to get the latest update of our blog!