Web Analytic Services.

Stop wasting money and start hitting goals!

At InboundID our experience has told us that unless a business frequently and continually monitors metrics from Internet marketing campaigns, goals are left unmet, budgets are exhausted, and there is no way of creating cost-effective campaigns in the future.

That is why the analytics service at

InboundID is:

Web Analytic
Easy to use
Helps cut costs
Guides and informs
Hits goals!
Streamlines marketing campaigns for the future
What Analytics services does InboundID offer?

Even though our professional team can offer cutting edge advice for your project on the numerous Internet marketing vehicles available, it is not until the website is live that data can be gathered to determine which campaign is the most effective. We will analyse the content of the website, the keywords used, how users behave on the site and which pages of your site are the most dynamic.

“Stop wasting money and start hitting goals!”

Most of all, after creating our simple to read reports, our professional team will even provide the recommendations for how your marketing campaign should be administered!

“Simple reports which tell you where your money can be used best”
You will receive 4 powerful reports which instantly inform you how your website is progressing.
Web Analytic
Visitor Analysis Report
This report focuses on who is actually visiting your website; where they are located; how long they stay for; which technology they are using; what time of the day they tend to come to your site; whether they are returning or a new visitor and how frequently they come.

InboundID Solution:

“Once you are aware which visitors are attracted to which pages, we can help you streamline your campaign to focus on your target market. These are the people who will buy into your services.”
Content Analysis Report
This report looks at how well optimised your website is. Is the content attracting the right visitors;what keywords increase footfall; do visitors tend to exit on the same pages; which is the most effective landing page; are pages downloading fast and correctly?

InboundID Solution:

“You need to know which keywords are maximising your budget and which pages are visited the most to understand how you can make your website perform even better and create even more sales.”
User Behaviour Analysis Report
Which pages are the most popular; which links are clicked on the most; are there important pages visitors are not viewing; is there a pattern in how visitors reach individual goals; at what point in the conversion do visitors decide not to buy into your products and services?

InboundID Solution:

“How a visitor behaves on the site once they are there tells you a great deal about the services and products they prefer (and therefore the ones you should target) and the pages that need that extra bit of input to make sure they are performing to the highest degree”
Conversion analysis
With so many marketing tools on the internet we compare how such campaigns as social media ;email campaigns ; blog marketing ; mobile campaigns; ppc and much more

InboundID Solution:

“By constantly monitoring the metrics on all your campaigns in detail we can make your Internet marketing sizzle!”

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