Search Engine Optimization

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How do I get into my business website into organic search results?

Google looks much further than a nice design to discern whether your website should be on page 1 or not. The coding needs to be optimised, the text needs to be appropriate to your USP and services and the industry you are in. The search engines are programmed to determine how much credibility your website has next to your closest competitors.

At InboundID we first of all research the industry you are in, who your competitors are and how the site can be enhanced to offer cutting edge services such as on-site optimisation and off – to make sure your site will get maximum attention from the search engines, then use Search Engine Optimization.

On-site optimisation

Ensures Google will recognise your website for its most important and efficient keywords and phrases. The coding needs to be optimised and the landing pages need to be significant to the search engine snippet.

Off-site optimisation

Ensures your website is considered a high profile site within its industry and with other websites and applications on the internet. This is developed through creating powerful links and also developing an effective social media strategy.

We understand today’s most effective marketing strategies and focus on that

Inbound Marketing Indonesia believes that comprehensive approaches are the most effective way to make improvements, we offer a suite of services that will fit on every businesses.

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