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Improve your customer lifetime value.

Inbound marketing concepts are particularly effective in the world of E-commerce. By creating and distributing quality content over the internet you are automatically gaining credibility and reputation. Subsequently you will be seen as a trustworthy thought leader and your target market will follow your posts and ideas. This in turn adds enormous value to your products and brand and will ultimately mean increased leads, more sales and increased profits.

How can InboundID help me?

At InboundID we can assist you in creating a stunning marketing campaign which is customised to the needs and requirements of your business. Our professional consultants will work with you in order to access and guide you through the online tools which will provide the most effective brand awareness and return on investment.

Re-targeting and E-commerce

Many visitors will abandon their shopping cart before finishing the buying process. By analysing your unique Google data,InboundID can match those visitors with your future display campaigns. So those very people who visited your website will see display ads focussed on the page they formerly had an interest in. Studies have shown an enormous increase in leads sales and ROI using this technique.

Content Optimization Services

Conversion rate optimization

Increase your transaction number by improving your customer experience on your website.

Social media

InboundID can manage your social media presence by setting up accounts, accessing account tools, increasing followers and creating quality content which facilitates conversations that lead to conversions

Search marketing

Through effective SEO, and keywords InboundID can get you on page 1 of Google

Paid Search

Need to be on page 1 now? Let our experts at InboundID guide you through the maze of putting an ad up on the search engines to get your at the top…now.

Email marketing

Email marketing is a great way to distribute your message over the internet to your loyal customers. News of discounts and offers are great but just as powerful is quality information in order to encourage customer retention.

How do I get started?

We understand today’s most effective marketing strategies and focus on that

Inbound Marketing Indonesia believes that comprehensive approaches are the most effective way to make improvements, we offer a suite of services that will fit on every businesses.

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